In Nogliki, a festival of sports tourism

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28 August 2020


Nogliki hosted a festival of sports Hiking, organized by the Sakhalin regional public organization "Rodnaya Zemlya" at the expense of the presidential grants Fund with the organizational and methodological support of the Federation of sports tourism and mountaineering of the Sakhalin region. Saturday morning behind Nogliki, in a place popularly called " the hill of Love "or" the hill of Health", there was hard work: organizers, judges and volunteers carried out marking of the territory, cleared forest paths. The weather was beautiful. In just a few hours, there was a good walking distance of the second class of complexity.

By lunchtime, those who want to try their hand at tourist mini-competitions arrived. For schoolchildren, a "maze" was organized — a type of orienteering in which participants use a map to pass a given distance on a microterritory. Their parents, friends, grandparents came to cheer for the children, IA reports with reference to the festival organizers.

A whole range of emotions among children and adults was caused by the competition "Tourist Family", where participants had to pass through classic tourist obstacles. There were both quite experienced tourists and people who had never tried on climbing equipment before. Among the newcomers were the noglik families of Gavrilovs and Pinins. It was especially interesting to watch the mothers. They were really excited when they learned that they would have to move along ropes stretched parallel to the ground, crawl upside down on the "hinged crossing" , but nevertheless they were able to overcome themselves and completed these tasks.

The result of the first day of the competition was the award. Maxim Danchenko, a student of SOSH No. 1 noglik, showed the best result in passing the "sports maze". Second place was taken by a volunteer from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Varvara Boltunova. Third-Mira Maksimova.

In the competition "Family Tourism" took first place Balykova, the second took Samochine. Both of these families came to the festival from the Tymovsky district. Third place went to the Gantry from Nogliki. The winners and prize-winners were awarded certificates, gifts-useful things for tourists, Souvenirs with the symbols of the sroo "Native land" and fresh pies, which were immediately divided among all participants and eaten with gusto.

The second day of the festival started with a real downpour, with thunder and lightning. But it did not become an obstacle for carrying out of superiority of the Sakhalin region on sports tourism.

— I take it the weather isn't a barrier to you." You are tourists, so you are used to overcoming difficulties — - mayor Sergey Kamelin warmly addressed the participants gathered at the opening ceremony. - I wish you all to achieve good results and remain a United team not only at the sports distance, but also in life.

A fairly long obstacle course, including steep descents and ascents, logs, rope trails stretched between trees, became a real test of strength for 50 young athletes from Makarovsky, poronaysky, Tymovsky, Nogliki districts. Judges, team leaders, volunteers and organizers — more than 30 people in total-kept a sharp eye on the competition. Members of the Federation of sports tourism and mountaineering of the Sakhalin region took part in the organization of the championship.

- Start! - the competition judge gives the command, and two teenagers from Tymovsky fly to the first element — a log that symbolizes crossing over any obstacle, whether it is an abyss or a river. Deftly fastened to a rope stretched parallel to the trunk of larch trees, the young men quickly move to the other side and disappear among the trees. All you can hear is the rattle of their gear, and it sounds like bells are ringing in the fresh forest.

A very small girl runs as easily as a fawn. Bouncing, clings with his feet and hands to the taut ropes. Hanging upside down, quickly attaches the insurance and flies to the other side.

This trick is not so easy for older and heavier children. It is easier for those who go to sports clubs — pumped-up muscles help out.

But then, deep in the forest, there is a cry. The girl, unable to stand the strain, left the race. The judge goes to comfort the contestant. Well, it's a sport. There can be no victories without defeats.

While there is an intense struggle for the first places on the lane, the judges at different elements of the distance talk on the radio, exchange information, and joke among themselves. It feels like all these people from different municipalities are old friends. As it turns out, the way it is. The festival in Nogliki was preceded by a number of tourist events in the Tymovsky, Makarovsky, poronaysky districts, organized by the Rodnaya Zemlya NGO. In addition, 15 volunteers from these municipalities were recently trained together in the "Sports judge" program. Classes are organized by the Novosibirsk and Sakhalin sports tourism federations. In Nogliki, for example, qualified judges for sports tourism were Alexey Kozlov, head of the Azimut-Sakhalin tourist and local history club, Yuri Mironovich, researcher at the Nogliki Museum of local history, and Lyudmila Eremenko, project Manager and Chairman of the Board of the Rodnaya Zemlya sroo.

So the Nogliki festival has become a kind of practice for newly certified specialists. Now they can hold competitions not at the Amateur level, but quite officially.

— In the North of Sakhalin, there is an acute shortage of tourist personnel-instructors, judges, sports tourism coaches who can work with schoolchildren. This is why this species is almost not developed here, " explains project Manager Lyudmila Eremenko. - Since 2016, we have decided to reverse this situation. In 2017, at the expense of the Energy Fund of Sakhalin energy, 12 teachers were trained and qualified as "Organizer of youth (sports) tourism". It is through the efforts of these people and with the organizational and consulting support of municipal administrations, the Sakhalin Federation for sports tourism and mountaineering that we have been implementing programs aimed at promoting and developing sports tourism in the Northern regions of Sakhalin since 2018. The championship in Nogliki is only one of the stages. Further we plan to hold similar events in Smirnykh, had not yet reached the Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsk and Okha.

The championship lasted half a day, and this time flew by unnoticed. It's time to take stock. After careful scoring, the winners and prize-winners were determined. In the age category of 8-13 years among girls, the first and second place was taken by young tymovchanki Anna Zolotareva and angelina Ezhova. Evelina Arslanbekova from noglik won the bronze medal. Among the boys, the "gold" and "silver" medalists are Andrey Kochetkov and Yaroslav Mordvinov from Tymovsky, and the "bronze" is Yegor Rakov. Daria Klimutko (tymovskoe) was the strongest of the 14-15-year-old girls, her countryman angelina Shutkina was in second place, and Diana Polkovnikova from Poronaisk was in third place. Among young men of the same age, Daniil Krendesaruk became the first, ahead of 17 competitors. The Second Is Konstantin Efimov. Valery Bochkarev got the third result. All three are residents of the Tymovsky district.


And among the juniors (16-17 years old), Yulia Samokhina was the fastest, most agile and skilful. The silver medal was taken by Valery Kudykina. Alena Shopinskaya took third place. All the girls of the village district.

Among young men of this age, the places were distributed as follows: Roman Vorobyov took the first place. Mikhail Terov was just behind him, and Kirill Dubinin was third. All the young men — too cymophane.

All winners and prize-winners were awarded cups, medals, certificates of honor, and gifts. Each participant of the first Sakhalin championship in sports tourism in Nogliki received a set of Souvenirs from sroo "Rodnaya Zemlya"as a souvenir of this wonderful event.

The massive victory of timosan in superiority natural. Since 2017, Rodnaya Zemlya, with the support of the administration of the Tymovsky city district, has been annually conducting training events in this area aimed at developing children's and youth tourism. By the way, the tourist base of tymovchan is equipped mainly within the framework of the projects of the sroo "Native land" in 2017-2019 at the expense of the presidential grants Fund.

— When I went to these competitions, I thought that it would be much more modest, - Nina Kassova, President of the Federation of sports tourism and mountaineering of the Sakhalin region, admits. - But it turned out to be the opposite. The track is excellent and varied. Even in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, it is simpler. The guys have a good preparation, there were few mistakes. Many can be sent to the regional championship at least now. The organization of the event is excellent. I am very happy that the walking distance is finally interested in the North of the island, because before the competition in this discipline was held only in the southern regions. Train, we will compete, develop together.

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