In an interview to the "Wall Street Journal" published on January 27, Founder of Corporation Energy Igor Yusufov “expressed support for U.S. President Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of State


Corporation "Energy" and Gazprom VNIIGAZ have signed a Memorandum on cooperation in the field of design research and technical support of the Fund projects for geological studying and hydrocarbon production in Western and Eastern Siberia.


Following talks between Energy Minister Igor Yusufov with key Ministers of OPEC countries Russia’s cutting of oil output taken in 2001 as a token of solidarity with OPEC


Packages of the scene sound-amplifying equipment and treats for kids – these were the presents that Corporation Energy representatives brought to the New Year celebration that took place December 28 at music school- orphanage in Mitischi.


Corporation Energy has made an investment decision on starting developing Malotambeiskiy block at Yamal peninsula on its own.


Russia’s move from feedstock towards innovational resource development provided by Energy Strategy of Russia for up to 2030 is an economical imperative. Mid-scale oil and gas companies flexible in making investment and technological decisions may make the unique positive contribution to this important evolution. This is stated in the speech presented by Corporation Energy at Moscow International Engineer Forum in Moscow, 23-24 November.


In the nearest future it is necessary to execute the economically viable and reasonable government decree on the sale of 19,5% stocks of Rosneft for about 700bn rubles.


Further to the successful closing of the deal on Basneft stocks purchase by Rosneft and the effective asset consolidation...


Corporation Energy along with the largest oil and gas companies of Russia became the partner in organization and holding VIII All-Russian convention of geologists.


As a participant of the Bashneft privatization process Corporation Energy welcomes and supports the decision of the government to sell 50,075% of company’s stocks to Rosneft. Accepted terms of the deal, in particular the high price and very short terms of payment, are the most economically beneficial for the government and Russia’s budget in the current circumstances.