Former Russian Energy Minister Igor Yusufov says US oil producers that have sharply increased exports should be wary of an eventual "oversaturation of the market" whenever OPEC and Russia resume normal output.


U.S. President Donald Trump requested the oil giant Saudi Aramco to make New York its IPO venue. The American leader's desire to secure this deal for the U.S. stock exchange generally makes sense.


Stock exchanges vie to host the IPO of Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian oil giant. The London Stock Exchange changed the listing rules for Aramco’s convenience.


A serious oil re-division is about to start in the Middle East. The struggle for the region's main resource has already begun - just like major oil players' reconsideration of their spheres of influence. The much talked-of preparation for IPO and the sale of 5% of Saudi Aramco shares are not mere PR or promotion of Tadawul, the Saudi Stock Exchange.


The slowdown in global economic growth led to the decline in demand for primary products. Economic growth not only slowed down but also changed its quality and became “energy efficient,” which forces oil-exporting countries to modernize their economies.


Igor Yusufov, former Russia's Energy Minister, has drawn attention to the fact that economic reforms and budget cuts are the necessary but not sufficient conditions for oil-exporting countries to follow in order to adapt to the new economic reality after the drop in global oil prices.


Igor Yusufov, Russian energy former minister talks about next OPEC’s meeting


The Russian company’s recent moves in Kurdistan indicate that Russia and the US have struck a deal on Middle Eastern security issues, writes Simon Watkins

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L’ex ministre de l’énergie de Russie M. Igor Yusufov explique à MPE-Média peu après l’annonce de sanctions américaines contre son pays pourquoi il estime que celles-ci sont préjudiciables à l’intérêt économique de l’Europe, mais aussi à ceux des Etats-Unis. Détails.

By Jaime Concha, Copenhagen, and Vitaly Sokolov and Nelli Sharushkina, Moscow

Russian gas shipments to Europe aren’t expected to be at risk from US sanctions over the short term.