Saudi Arabia and Russia are at odds on pretty much everything: the war in Syria, policies on Iran, ties with Washington.


L'intenzione americana di avviare una fornitura diretta di gas naturale liquefatto, il GNL, a Polonia e paesi dell'Europa Centrale non segna l'inizio di una guerra commerciale

Georgi Gotev

Energie-Guru Igor Yusufov teilt im Interview mit seine Sicht der Dinge zum Treffen zwischen dem russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin und US-Präsident Donald Trump


Οι πρώτες συνομιλίες των προέδρων των δύο ενεργειακών υπερδυνάμεων έδωσαν έναν εποικοδομητικό τόνο για την επίλυση των σημαντικότερων προβλημάτων

Georgi Gotev

Energy guru Igor Yusufov shared his views with on the first bilateral meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US President Donald Trump


Meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, held in Hamburg within the framework of the G20 summit, «set a constructive tone to address critical issues in the field of Economics in General and energy in particular facing Russia and the USA»

Dmitry Zlodorev

The intention of the U.S. to start direct supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Poland as well as to the countries of Central Europe

Dmitry Zlodorev

The meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with U.S. President Donald Trump which took place within the framework of the G20 summit in Hamburg

By Igor Yusufov, Corporation Energy

Most likely, on May 25th OPEC will decide to continue the self-imposed crude production cuts agreed upon last November. Healthy pragmatism is likely to win, and here’s why.


Les membres de l'Opep ont décidé, jeudi 25 mai, de prolonger de neuf mois l'accord de réduction de la production entré en vigueur début 2017.